We took 2 kayak tours with Pineapple Tours, the first was to the mangroves where we saw sloths, monkeys and birds and a fascinating mix of scenery – some lush, some a tangled mix of bare roots. Both tours are within the activity abilities of most people, all gear is supplied (including sun hats, bug spray and sun cream if you need them) and end with offerings of fresh fruits.

Pineapple Tours have great guides and the tours deliver exactly as promised. Here are some images we took whilst on the 3 hour mangrove tour. We understand that the internet is rife will misleading info and ‘independent’ articles that are little more than promotional material and that you may have more questions about this tour or Dominical that you’d rather direct at a real human being who’s not associated with the town or this business. If so, get in touch with Dave – dave@trekandrun.com

We arrived at the Pineapple Tours office in the centre of Dominical about 15 minutes before the tour was due to leave so we could sign a safety waiver. The office is about 10 minutes walk maximum from ‘Cool Vibes’, where we stay when in Dominical.
The drive to the mangrove swamp put-in point is scenic, and gave us a chance to see the long, deserted beaches that are a feature of this part of the Pacific coast, and also 3 sloths high up in the palm trees.
Nita hadn’t been in a kayak for years, and even back then had minimal experience on the water. However, this paddle trip was suitable for most abilities. The water was calm, the sit on top kayaks stable, the pace easy going.
There were 8 of us on the tour but there was plenty of space in the river to head off and do your own thing if you wanted to soak up the peace and quiet of the mangroves.
Heading to the river estuary mouth.
We swam and looked back at this lush interior. A flock of pelicans soared overhead, clacking their beaks, you can see them in this photo.
Paddling onwards, heading back to the start point via a circular route.
Resting in the shade.
We got fantastic views as we paddled. This was the turnaround point. We’d been on the water for a couple of hours and we were pleased with what we’d seen and were ready to head back to land for some fresh fruit, and then an afternoon on Dominical beach.

This was a brilliant tour, we really recommend it. If you’ve any questions about what you might expect from the tour that you can’t find answers for on the company website here – http://www.pineapplekayaktours.com/ – feel free to get in touch – dave@trekandrun.com