We took 2 kayak tours with Pineapple Tours, this second one was to the Whale’s Tail in Uvita and involved kayaking off the beach to a snorkeling spot, snorkeling around a coral reef inhabited by plenty of fish for almost an hour, taking a break at the end of the Whales Tail sandy peninsula, then kayaking back for a walk in the mangroves. Both tours are within the activity abilities of most people, all gear is supplied (including sun hats, bug spray and sun cream if you need them) and end with offerings of fresh fruits.

Pineapple Tours have great guides and the tours deliver exactly as promised. Here are some images we took whilst on the 3 hour Whales Tail tour. We understand that the internet is rife will misleading info and ‘independent’ articles that are little more than promotional material and that you may have more questions about this tour or Dominical that you’d rather direct at a real human being who’s not associated with the town or this business. If so, get in touch with Dave – dave@trekandrun.com

We were transferred by minibus from Dominical to Uvita, then we walked onto the beach where our sit on top kayaks were waiting for us.
We each dragged our own kayak through the surf – they’re quite light and manageable – and then got into it once we were beyond the waves and into the calm of the bay. This meant in reality we waded out to about knee deep, which was easily achieved by all.
It was a beautiful day. The Whales Tail reef protects the bay from strong currents and the sea is often calm as a result. It made for easy, stress free paddling.
What a great view, looking back at the hills that rise behind the town of Uvita.
There were a lot of pelicans in the bay.
We tied our canoes up together and onto a central buoy and then enjoyed about 50 minutes of snorkeling. This was a photo I snapped soon after I put my head underwater.
Here was another fish I saw several times.
And here’s a puffer fish, we saw several of these as well.
After snorkeling we paddled the kayaks to the tip of the Whales Tail beach and had a drink and a walk around.
The Whales Tail really is a beautiful area, you get a great sense of freedom here, and fine views all around.
We paddled back to the beach, enjoyed surfing our kayaks in on the small waves, then followed our guide into the mangrove forest for a brief tour.
Our tour ended with a lunch of fresh fruits laid out right by the sea.
This was a brilliant tour, we really recommend it. If you’ve any questions about what you might expect from the tour that you can’t find answers for on the company website here – http://www.pineapplekayaktours.com/ – feel free to get in touch – dave@trekandrun.com