Sunday, 08th of September. It’s Marathon Day!!!!! ??

As usual, I did not have a quiet night of sleep, I felt a bit nervous and not enough motivated to get up and run. Luckily, the Sokos Hotel Viru is located just 100 m away from the start line, so I had more time than usual to clear my mind and focus on the next goal. Ok it’s 8am already, time to get up and get equipped!

On the way to the start line there is still time for some pictures to take.. what’s the hurry anyway? ?

The atmosphere at the start line was energetic, people were warming up or chatting with each other. 

3..2..1.. goooo!!! Let’s conquer the streets of Tallinn!! ?

The first kilometers went by quickly, since we were all fresh, energetic and cheered up by thousands of supporters along the streets. Running with the selfie-stick and actioncam in one hand did not make it a ‘walk in the park’, but taking pictures and filming was worth all the effort! 

After 4 km, we had the first encounter with the sea and greeted the ships of the Seaplane Harbour Maritime museum.

The route took us through the city streets and parks, on long roads with happy running people. At the 16th kilometer mark we reached the highlight of the whole marathon: the Zoo!!! I was really looking forward to this moment, as it never happened to me in my running career to visit a Zoo during a race!

I was greeted at the entrance of the Zoo by some cheerful volunteers. One of them even looked at the Romanian flag on my BIB and cheered for me: “Go Belgium!!” – No Belgium! Romania! I had to reply to him ?

The Zoo was awesome!! I took the chance to stop, make pictures and film the animals + some runners dressed like them!

More footage from the Zoo crossing is waiting for you in the video at the end of this story ?

Afterwards, we went through a forest, where the air was fresh and welcoming and I could take the time to reflect about our journey in life and how running a marathon compares to it.

My philosophical thread of thoughts stopped when reaching a city park at km 28 surrounded by music and happy supporters. Not to mention the batteries of my actioncam were going empty. The device had to be reconfigured and so now I was that tech-addicted guy running in the park ‘playing’ on his device instead of enjoying the atmosphere. ??

…’cause there is no hurry ?
Once again.. the sea!

Small cramps on my thighs were starting to appear but luckily, at the 32nd km there was a kid with Icepower spray. He saved my muscles! My feet cooled down and I did not feel any cramps for the rest of the marathon! I was overall slow but without hitting any ‘Wall’, the last kilometers were a delight! There is no enjoyment for me without dancing, cheering with the supporters or encouraging other runners!! 

Experiencing the marathon like this is more meaningful than shaving off a few seconds or minutes from some targeted time after suffering for 42km and then not being able to walk normally over the next days. The Marathon has to become a race to bring joy and happiness. Being competitive is nice but at my current level I don’t feel that it will bring me a better experience. 

Having that in mind, there was time to exchange a few words with the 4h30min pace-makers at the 40th kilometer. One of them was pleasantly surprised when he say my BIB: “Oh Belgium, very well!” No, it’s Romania!! ?

I understand their confusion because the flags of Romania and Belgium are similar in colors and seeing a Romanian flag on a BIB was a very very rare opportunity during the whole weekend. As a matter of fact, there was only one runner representing Romania at all events:

The last 2 kilometers took us back to the city centre with the finish at the Viru Gates, where we started. The whole area was a big party with dancers dressed in traditional costumes, people walking around with medals around their neck and many supporters waiting for their favorites to cross the finish line.???

It cannot end without a traditional non-alcoholic beer ?

Running a marathon should not be about pain and suffering. I did all my best to prove that and it worked out very well 🙂

Thank you, Tallinn! ?

Watch the whole marathon experience from a video reporter’s perspective ?

A Big Thank You to the organizers of Tallinn Marathon for inviting me to take part in this whole experience and for showing me their beautiful city!

Congratulations for receiving the World Athletics Bronze Label, you deserved it!! ?

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